Deciding to file



We have been trying to figure out our finances, consolidate etc. We have no
bad credit nor debtors after us, but we are basically stuck with our wheels
turning so to speak, trying to survive.
We just came back from a services place that offers help in consolidating
etc and it will be too costly to do that (debt management) considering how
we are now. She suggested a trustee to speak to and learn about consumer
proposal or bankruptcy to clear ourselves up and start fresh.
We have one child and a baby on the way, live as tight as we can...she even
said its obvious I am keeping us tight and careful.....things just caught up
to us (paying bills with credit cards).

Any shared experiences would be helpful.




Check out the new attorney website. BANKRUPTCY LAW CENTER. Located in
Greenbelt, Maryland U.S.A

This site includes:
24 hours live consultation with lawyer
Online live chat 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri
Monthly specials on chapter 7 and 13

Check it out and tell me what you think, I filed there and was very

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