Decision Variables for Choosing a MAS90 $10K+ solution versus $500 Shrink-Wrapped Accounting Softwar


Steven Bookman

I would be interested in readers' thoughts on how to decide how robust
an accounting system a small-but-growing business might need.

The highest end Peachtree packages seem to supply quite a lot, but one
major lack is a true cost center range independent of the chart of

I.e. if one wishes to track "travel" by department, in the shrink
wrapped packages each expense must have its hand-created sub-account
for each of the multiple departments one wants to assign the cost to.
Such a process would also make budgeting cumbersome from a purely
data entry and maintence point of view.

So the major issues I can think of here are:

1 - Is there truly a total gap in going from $500 or so to over

2 - What features in the $10,000+ arena would sell a smaller business
on going for such an expenditure?




Hello Steven,

There are solutions under $10k. We represent both BusinessWorks and
BusinessVision. These products can start at $1,000.

They are both a step up from Peachtree. BusinessVision has many comparable
features of MAS 90/200. Depending on your company's needs one product may
fit better than another.

Please contact me for further information if you are interested.


Joseph Norcott
Business Technologies of New England, Inc.

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