Deducting summer internship travel expenses



I'm a full-time student in NJ, and my home is also in NJ. I
spent 12 weeks this summer in Redmond, WA, at a summer job.
My employer reimbursed $163 of my travel expenses, $143 of
my shipping expenses, and also reimbursed a new bike ($300).
These reimbursements were all reported as wages on my W-2
form. So I read Publication 463, and it looks like this
summer job was a Temporary Assignment. Is that a reasonable
interpretation? If so, then does that mean I can deduct
$51/day meals & incidentals, as well as my travel expenses
($163), shipping expenses ($143), and my bike ($300) that I
used to commute to and from work? This seems like an
ENORMOUS deduction ($4284 for meals and incidentals alone!).
Am I reading this properly?



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