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I came across Business Accounting while shopping for software for use in my
office. Now every other software company gives the user the option of other
currencies as their default currency.

In trying out the 60-day demo, I noticed this option is not available.
Furthermore there is no mention of it in the product descriptions/summaries
I've read so far: instead it is said to be specifically for the US.

Is their ever going to be a world compatible version? Someone please help...




Differing countries have differing accounting practices, it would be
difficult to write a universal app.
Currently there is a US & UK version


Thanks, DL.

I hope they in fact do come up with a version that accomodates other
currencies ASAP otherwise, we'll all just keep rollin' with Quickbooks & co.

I still would like a Miscrosoft respondent to let me know what their plans
are though...


doubtless they intend to roll it out
I am not a user, I trialed it and was underwelmed :(




1. Enable multi-currencies
Company.Preferences.[use foreign currencies]
2. Manage currencies
Company.[Foreign Currency].[Currency List]

You now can add/edit currencies as desired. e.g. Change company default
currency from USD to Yen - just change 'USD' to 'Yen' and symbol to 'Â¥'.

You can freely set customer/vendor currency and manage time-exchange rate.

Brave dbo? Let's look under the hood:
SELECT * FROM CurrencyTable -- CurrencyEntityView if you want to be
SELECT * FROM ExchangeRateTable

Simple? yep - just don't point the barrel at ur foot.

Please don't try any sytem level changes on your production db (company)!
Create a new company or use sample company instead...

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