Deferring Student Loan Payments



I am going to be going back to graduate school next month and will be
deferring my monthly student loan payments. I can't seem to figure out how
to reflect this in my Money 2007 file. Am I missing something? Or does this
product honestly not allow student loan deferrment as an option? Any ideas?



Dick Watson

Well, you haven't given us much to go on.

How are the loans setup in Money now? Account type Loan? Liability? Are you
using Essential or Advanced Bills? Essential or Advanced Register? I assume
you are NOT using Money Essential (MEss). What is it you expect to happen
when Money knows you are "deferring"? Automatic E-payments to change? Just
the amoritization schedule to be changed? A scheduled bill to be rescheduled?

We can surely find a way to accomodate your case. Money doesn't have little
wizards for all of the possible financial scenarios in life. Deferrment of
payments on a student loan is just one of a million specialized examples of
general scenarios which Money data can be adjusted to match. But it doesn't
have the million wizards.

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