Deleting an old purchase invoice



I'm using Peachtree Complete version 8.0 (I know it's old, but no
budget for new software).

I still have 2007 open and am doing some clean up prior to closing it
so I can do 2009 transactions.

We used to have this dental insurance and entered a purchase invoice
6/1/07. A check was printed to pay it on 6/8/07, but before it was
mailed we decided to drop the insurance. I found tonight that the
check had never been voided so I voided it as of 6/8/07.

I went to the purchase invoice to delete that, but the option is
greyed out and now this 18 month old invoice pops up when I run
"Select for Payment". How do I get rid of the old invoice (and I have
to do it fast because I have to close 2007 by tomorrow evening).


John in Richmond
(e-mail address removed) or (e-mail address removed)


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