Deleting an old purchase invoice

Discussion in 'Peachtree Accounting' started by audimg, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. audimg

    audimg Guest

    I'm using Peachtree Complete version 8.0 (I know it's old, but no
    budget for new software).

    I still have 2007 open and am doing some clean up prior to closing it
    so I can do 2009 transactions.

    We used to have this dental insurance and entered a purchase invoice
    6/1/07. A check was printed to pay it on 6/8/07, but before it was
    mailed we decided to drop the insurance. I found tonight that the
    check had never been voided so I voided it as of 6/8/07.

    I went to the purchase invoice to delete that, but the option is
    greyed out and now this 18 month old invoice pops up when I run
    "Select for Payment". How do I get rid of the old invoice (and I have
    to do it fast because I have to close 2007 by tomorrow evening).


    John in Richmond
    audimg, Jan 14, 2009
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