deposit explanation


Steve M.

I am a new treasurer of a non-profit and have multiple items to deposit. I
would like some kind of Word template or something I can use to document
individual checks and cash from multiple fundraisers, etc., that are being
included in a single bank deposit. I can create something from scratch I
suppose, but does someone out there have a form or template they're willing
to share? Thank you!



The Caterer

Hey Steve, when I make a deposit after grouping them from un-deposited funds
by using the Make Deposit feature in the Banking application I then go to
file and save.
Do not close it.

This of course saves the transaction without closing it and you can then
PRINT a detail copy of the deposit in a realy nice detailed format.

In fact I print one that I attach to the deposit slip from the bank and I
then print to Note One option and it saves a copy in Note One that I can use
to print as a notebook for future use such as a recent Sales tax Audit.

If there is a method to apply a custom template for this feature it is new
to me but then again, the detail receipt it does provided is a pretty nifty
doc and I have never needed anything more.

Good Luck with the New Job!

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