Developing for Money


Hi, is it possible to develope add ins or third party tools for ms money
users. I'm an expert .net developer and i'd really like to develop and market
my own unique tools for users of ms money i.e different ways of viewing data
that may only be of interest to certain people and not included in the

Is there an SDK or an online resource on this subject?

Ben Sautner
(e-mail address removed)



Bob Peel MVP

Nope. MS have carefully kept all this information very close to their chest!

John Siegel

Problem is that for most big FI a properly formatted request from an OFX
client that conforms to the OFX standard will still not work because Money
and Quicken use undocumented, non-standard elements in the OFX request. Not
much of an "open" standard. To get around this any OFX client would have to
spoof a request from Money or Quicken.

Dick Watson

Cal Learner is the resident OFX expert--I'd be curious to see his response
to this.


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