Development of VATStuff - free accountancy software


Bernard Czenkusz

I'm in the process of developing a program suitable for small uk
businesses which provides double entry bookkeeping, creates invoices,
purchase orders etc., and keeps a tally of VAT and can create VAT returns.

The program is free GPL licensed and more info is available at

All features are now implemented - but it now needs testing. If there's
anyone out there who could spend a bit of time to evaluate and test it,
particularly any accountancy/bookkeping teachers or students, I'd be
grateful for any feedback.

The program is originally written for Linux. For Windows users it
requires further freely available software to be installed (the Python
language interpreter and a few libraries) - and so may not be suitable if
you are not happy doing such installs - the web site gives further

Hopefully the end result will be software, freely available and useful
for small businesses and bookkeeping students - so I believe will be
worth your time trying it out.


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