DHL courier is the worst in CANADA and USA

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Curious George the Monkey

If anyone is using DHL I recommend that you don't use them
for business shipping if your item is important and time
sensitive in CANADA and USA.

The DHL employees are usually unhappy and underpaid
including the drivers. They don't have a customer service
department, or its virtually non-existant. The accounting
department continues to screw up sending confidential
invoices to the incorrect company or includes 2 invoices
from 2 unique companies into one envelop. The failure
rate is significant.

Its impossible to pay off your account becuase no one
answers the phone, and they get back to you after 1 week
to pay off a measily $1 invoice. The invoices are often
missing relevant documentation and its impossible to speak
to someone to clear up mistakes.

They lose parcels and often disregard the integrity of
packages. It takes often 2 days for a driver to show up
to pick up a parcel, even then they are 3rd party drivers
who dress up like criminals, who would trust that appearance.

DHL is the absolute worst courier in the world especially
for Canada and USA and anyone using this couier for
shipping has absolutely no experience with DHL and is
asking for a major screw up.

DHL suck and should not be operating.

FEDEX and UPS are light years ahead.
Even Purolator / Express Airborne are ahead.



S.M. Serba

My employer has told DHL *countless* times that we will NOT accept collect
from vendors. We have actually told vendors not to use them.



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