Germany Difference between proceeds from disposal & sum of sales prices

Apr 5, 2018
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I am relatively new to accounting and doing some research on investment behaviour by unregulated energy utilities.

I am currently looking at a utility's investing cash flows which contain categories like "capital expenditure on intangible assets/ppe/investment property", "proceeds from sale of intangible assets/ppe/investment property", "capital expenditure on acquisitions", "proceeds from divestitures".
I searched in the annual reports for details on individual purchases of assets, acquisitions and sales of assets and subsidiaries. I took the purchase prices or sales prices (proceeds) and added them up according to the categories in the investing CFs . I expected the amounts to be lower or equal than those in the CF statement, as the utilities probably don't list all transactions in detail.

However, the sum of sales prices are sometimes quite a bit greater than the proceeds from disposal in the CF statement. What could be the reason? What did I get wrong?

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