Directory to setup in EDC for PCCharge



In store Administrator what directory do I set to process to for PCCharge Pro.
I have never used it before We normally use PCCharge Payment server. and
process to program files\active-charge. Thank You for your Help



Akber Alwani

you need to do 2 things, the first go to sO Administrator program, click on
File > Configuration then the property dialog box will come click on EDC tab
then select "Use electronic draft capature software to verify credit card
transaction" from the EDC software click the PC-Charge, and from EDC Data
path, specify the locaton for the PC charge data file should save. now click
on Advance Options and enter the various information related to PC charge.
Once done go to Store Manager program and select the Database > Tenders >
Select the Credit Card Type and clicko n its properties , click on
verification tab and select " Perform verifcation via EDC".

Hope this will help you.

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