My husband has been out of work due to an accident for 2 1/2
yrs. He has been receiving LTD income from his employer's
insurance company. We filed for SS Disability but it takes
forever as you know. Anyhow, we received a check FEb 2006
that was backpay for most of 2005 thru Feb 2006. That was
it. The check was over19,000.00. We had to turn around and
write a check to the insurance company to reimburse them for
this amount.

So, my questions is the SSA-1099 that I received for the
19,000. When I submit this on my Turbo Tax it reduces my
refund by alot. I cannot understand why I have to pay tax on
something that we did not keep. I had income and we file
joint so the system says it's taxable. All this did was run
through our names and we did not keep it. But we pay taxes?

I asked around and I'm told that we don't have to pay tax on
disability income. Is this correct? Maybe I put something
wrong in Turbo Tax? I don't want to leave it off and get in
trouble but financially, we need our refund.
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