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Discussion in 'UK Tax Credits and Benefits' started by Broken Spirit, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. I need some advice as to the amount of IS I should be receiving, as I have
    become very confused of late.

    I made a claim for DLA earlier this year, of which I was recently awarded HR
    care and LR mobility. I understand the rules of this benefit and the amounts
    I'm receiving.

    What I am confused about are my rates of IS. Aside from my disability, I am
    also a single parent with one child at home, and for the last two years have
    received normal IS rates, plus a disability allowance of around £23 a week.

    Since my DLA award I received a letter suggesting I may be entitled to
    severe disability premium and a form to fill in and send back. Shortly
    afterward I received a giro for back pay related to the enhanced disability
    rate, and then today received another giro for back pay related to the
    severe disability rate.

    What I want to know is whether all these rates are actually paid at the same
    time or whether I should only be receiving one, possibly the highest (severe
    disabilty premium). Have I received an over-payment and should I expect the
    DWP to ask for these giros to be returned?

    Any help in calculating my IS rate will be gratefully received.
    Broken Spirit, Nov 26, 2003
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  2. Information about the Income Support Disability Premiums is available
    here http://www.disabilityalliance.org/is4.htm
    from which you will see
    You get all of these if you or your partner qualify for them:
    Carer Premium
    Enhanced Disability Premium
    Severe Disability Premium

    The criteria for both premiums are set out in the links
    http://www.disabilityalliance.org/is4.htm#Enhanced Disability Premium

    The rates for benefits/premiums etc can be found

    I cannot see any reason why you should feel these premiums haven't
    been properly awarded. I am surprised they were awarded separately but
    it may be someone did a check to ensure you were "living alone" which
    is one of the criteria for SDP and this delayed that element of the

    SDP cannot usually be paid if someone is getting Carers Allowance for
    looking after you so if you do have a regular carer seek professional
    welfare rights advice before suggesting s/he claims Carers Allowance.
    Ted Hutchinson, Nov 26, 2003
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  3. On Wed, 26 Nov 2003 10:38:39 +0000, Ted Hutchinson

    Snip single parent awarded DLA High Rate Care queries effect on Income
    Support Premiums.
    I have thought a bit more about this and think the most likely enquiry
    the IS decision maker would make regarding this claim would be to
    check that the Carers Allowance Unit was not simultaneously processing
    a claim for Carers Allowance for someone caring for you. I would think
    it would be quite normal for SDP to paid later than EDP as there are
    more checks on entitlement to be made.
    Ted Hutchinson, Nov 26, 2003

  4. Thankyou very much for your help, and the useful links in the previous post.
    I wasn't aware that both premiums were paid together, hence my query as to
    whether someone made a mistake.
    Broken Spirit, Nov 26, 2003
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