dispute of invoice

May 3, 2010
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I would really appreciate if experts can guide me for this issue...

we issue the bill/invoices to our clients on delivery of "printed material/goods". On the receival of goods we take signature of the person who has received the goods. So I want to ask is that is it necessary to take the stamp of the company along with the signature who has received?

i have to take more than 2lakhs of rupees from my one of the client which is pending from past 2-3yrs. we have been continuously asking them to clear the balance but they have been giving some or other excuses.

now before taking any strong action against them I would like to know that invoices/bills which we had sent them on the delivery of goods we had taken signature of person who had received but we didnt ask for their stamp. so legally is it possible to take any action against them?


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