Discussion in 'UK Tax Credits and Benefits' started by Andrea, May 25, 2004.

  1. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    My son age 8 had high rate personal care for 3 yrs. I thought the renewal
    would renew. After several months I recieved a letter from Income support
    informing me that I no longer got disability premiums for my son. So I
    called DLA who told me they couldn't talk about the decision over the phone
    until I had recieved the decision letter. They told me they had sent it in
    February, but I had not recieved it.They gave me some "lost in the post
    lecture", and agreed to send me another letter. I only recieved the decision
    letter 1 month ago! They stopped all Petes DLA, my carers allowance and
    stopped £70 a week from my income support! and also want me to work, I have
    another child on high rate personal care and 3 able children.
    I have sent of the appeal for to ask for a review. The reason pete got
    turned down is this..

    He has been diagnosed with autism, and ADHD, and ODD.The clinical social
    worker sees him, as has the SHO for the child pschologist. Problem is the
    diagnosis can't be offical till the main man sees him on a one off, after he
    looks at the info collected by the other two during appointments. He is
    seeing pete in July as his waiting list is huge.
    My son soils himself and is 8 yrs old. At home he is destructive and is a
    danger to himself and others. At school he was withdrawn, but had outbursts.
    He spent many months soiling and sitting in it all day in class, and when I
    confronted the school they said they had no idea. We got Pete to tell his
    teacher, but then I ended up going into school to clean him up several times
    a day.
    The DLA forms went to the school, (even though I asked them to send them to
    child and family), and the school refused to fill them out saying they
    couldn't say anything till the offical diagnosis came through. We agreed
    with the school for them to post them to child and family as they know
    everything about pete, but they sent them back to DLA as good as blank.
    I am appealing, and sent letters from doctors, social workers and family
    support workers, and photocopied them.
    I called DLA today and asked if I could have an explanation of the decision,
    but they said they couldn't. The very nice lady (for a change) told me that
    the letter in February had never been sent! She said I am on the record as
    telling you this so use it in your appeal.
    Several people at DLA told me they had sent it!

    So they stopped all our benefits without me knowing why!
    DIAL (who are helping me appeal) say that they can get all the money
    re-instated (until a decision is made on the revision) based on this
    information, as they have compromised my rights.

    Thanks for getting this far! So what do you think?

    Andrea, May 25, 2004
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  2. Andrea

    Robbie Guest

    From: "Andrea" andrea22_uk(nospam)@hotmail.com
    A good starting point would be to discuss your case with your local DIAL
    organisation. They will be able to provide you with face to face advice and
    help you decide how best to proceed.


    Click on the"Find A DIAL" link and you should be able to find an organisation
    close to where you live. At the very least you'll be able to find a local
    organisation that you can discuss matters with over the phone.

    Robbie, May 25, 2004
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  3. Andrea

    smithy Guest

    services) Doctor with regards to this
    renewal claim then you are entitled to see the Doctors report.If your son
    was not examined then there is no medical report to see.The decision makers
    who work for
    DWP have NO medical knowledge,they get their input
    from the Disability Handbook(second edition) and compare notes.Your sons
    School should never have been allowed to del with his DLA renewal claim as
    are notoriously thick when it comes to child care(ive been
    there) and the only person able to fill out the form is you.
    Do you have Paediatricians/Doctors whom agree with you regarding your sons
    condition? Remember,the DLA
    staff will not have his previous claim in front of them so you must fill it
    in afresh with all the same input.A good tip
    is to CONSTANTLY repeat his CARE needs.Decision
    Makers need to have it drummed into them.Have you read guide HB5? On the
    DWP page,read the Disability Handbook and see what the DM's see.From my
    experience having the decision "looked at again" is better
    than appeal as you can then appeal if your new evidence
    does not help.By the way,if I understand you correctly
    you say you have another child in receipt of DLA HRCC,
    therefore the Jobcentre Plus cannot request you to attent a work focused
    interview as you are still known as a Carer. Smithy
    smithy, May 25, 2004
  4. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    Hi Dial are helping me, I see them on Thursday.

    Andrea, May 25, 2004
  5. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    smithy wrote
    He wasn't.

    If your son
    Tell me about it, I took him out of school a while back, as they didn't give
    a sh*t.
    I wonder if this will help with the review? O rwill they hang on to "the
    facts at the time" speech.
    Yes I have sent letter specifically for them from his doctors, clinical
    social worker, and family support worker. I sent it by registered signed for
    delivery and took photocopies.

    Remember,the DLA
    Yes they can. My husband is the carer for the other child, so in their eyes
    I can work, but I cannot.

    Thanks Andrea.
    Andrea, May 25, 2004
  6. Andrea

    Robbie Guest

    From: "Andrea" andrea22_uk(nospam)@hotmail.com
    Sorry Andrea, never read the last part of your original post. I see they are
    already helping you.

    All the best

    Robbie, May 25, 2004
  7. Andrea

    smithy Guest

    I see the predicament,I did not know that your husband was a carer.
    Andrea,are you in receipt of Income Support at the moment?
    smithy, May 25, 2004
  8. Andrea

    Andrea Guest

    "smithy" wrote in messaget...
    Yes we are as a couple. We also have 3 other children and my brother living
    Dial thinks because the DLA lied about sending the 1st copy of the decision
    that I will get all benefits re-instated at least until the review/appeal is

    Andrea, May 25, 2004
  9. Andrea

    smithy Guest

    Andrea,good stuff. D.I.A.L are good,but not THAT good.as you are in receipt
    of Income Support,PLEASE,
    go and see a solicitor,it is free and the DWP will suddenly
    want to deal with you prompt.You need a Female solicitor for a child case.If
    you can get a letter stating when the decision to change your sons DLA was
    then you can forget the original "not sent" letter as a
    solicitor knows all too well the games that the DWP play.
    There is a lot riding on this so you must get it right.I have
    always doubted D.I.A.L and the C.A.B. Smithy
    smithy, May 25, 2004
  10. Andrea

    Bill Guest

    Best not say on the newsgroup what Dial say to you - at this present time
    they haven't really got involved with the case - between me and you they
    shouldn't be building your hopes up at this early stage.

    Bill, May 29, 2004
  11. DWP don't have to lie, they just screw up on auto-pilot

    DLA Help Group, May 29, 2004
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