UK Do companies with one shareholder/director still need to have a special resolutions meeting

Jan 29, 2019
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United Kingdom
I have credited my Business bank account with money in order to pay for things through the business. I am aware that when making a contribution to a company it is best to document it as buying shares or a giving a loan to the company. I have decided to make it a loan. From my understanding now I must issue more shares and then buy those shares to reflect the money I have put into the company (I am aware I should have probably done this first so if you are aware of the consequences of doing this the wrong way round this would be good to know also). Issuing shares however seems to come under the criteria of what requires a special resolution. Is this necessary as I am the only shareholder and therefore noone can object to any decision I make? Must I still go through this process alone? BTW I own a private limited company


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