Does anybody have or point me to Study material for CFA Level I


Paul Sweeney


Does anyone have or could anybody point me to used CFA study material? I
have registered for the December Level I . I do not want to spend the $700
that CFA website wants from me. I am looking for a less expensive option.

I appreciate your help







You can get review materials at discounted prices via Ebay if you are
willing to deal with used materials. My experience in purchasing review
materials and texts through Ebay has been pretty good. Just make sure you
know exactly what you are looking for, take note of exactly what the person
is selling and pay close attention to the condition of the texts / CDs. That
sounds like a luke-warm recommendation but you can save a considerable
amount of cash doing it this way. Bare in mind you may want the most recent
materials available although I cannot speak to the evolution of the CFA
Level I test. For a cursory glance of what is available just enter CFA into
the search box on Ebay's home page.


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