Does Anyone have Small Business Version..?



Trying to find out if Invoices allow for hourly billing and an area for
detailed notes sections for describing the hourly billing/work done.

thank you,



Bryce Alan Katz

Yes. However, the frustrating part is that the Invoice
Template Designer is less than fully-featured. I find the
lack of control over the various portions of the invoice
(e.g., column width) to be incredibly frustrating.

I would like to know if its possilbe to query Money's
database with an external application (like Crystal
Reports or even Microsoft Access) via ODBC connection.

Doug Edwards

Yes Invoices will allow for hourly billing; HOWEVER, there is?/was a bug (I
mean feature) on how many characters will print after it. Here's what I
remember since the bug has been with us for 5 years: The description is a
255 char field excepts over certain limits Money will only print 1/2 of it -
I don't know if this was fixed finally in 2004. For more details, look at
google's newsgroup archive. Also note that Money doesn't support item
notes - I've had to fake them for years.


Doug Edwards

Hi Bryce,

I'll respond on the second point since the Invoice Designer has been beaten
to death on this newgroup for its lack of features - It hasn't changed since
Money 2000.

While the database is actually a Jet DB, Microsoft doesn't want you to
directly access it. You can not open it in Access; however there is a
MoneyLink into Excel. I don't know if it pulls too much of the business
info over though.

Hope that helps,



Don Kiely

Sigh. Is this still the case with 2004? Just want to be sure.


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