USA Domicile in FL, Stay in VA, & Work in MD

Aug 27, 2013
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I own a house in FL, where my wife works & lives full time. I stay in VA with relatives, I do not pay rent and I do not own property or house in VA. And I work full time in MD. I spend about 1 week per month in FL. My drivers license and car registration is in FL. When I retire, I will move to FL full time.

I'm would like to know which state in should claim as Domicile and which is Residency?
How I should file taxes? Do I need to file in MD & VA?
Do I pay income tax in VA and then claim that on my FL taxes?

I'm confussed, thanks for your help!


The Finance Writer

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Aug 23, 2013
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You owe tax in Maryland on your income in that state as a nonresident.

Florida does not have a state income tax.

Based upon the facts you presented, you could be considered a Virginia resident. If so, you must file a tax return for that state. I recommend, however, that you obtain professional advice from either a CPA specializing in tax or a tax expert who has passed the Enrolled Agent exam. An Enrolled Agent or CPA can gather more details from you and develop a defensible position.

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