USA Don't understand why Adj Balance showing future balance, not present

Feb 24, 2014
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I'm using MS Money v17 - Sunset Deluxe, and am having a couple problems. One is my adjusted balance for my savings account, under Account List, is showing what my balance will be, after a transaction I'll make in a month when I have the funds. How can I get it to show what my present balance is?

I input the upcoming deposit through Cash Flow to remind me I have to put the cash into the account later. It's confusing to me for the program to show what I will have vs what I do.

Is what I'm asking outside the scope of this type of application? I'm new to using this all and really budgeting in general.

My second question is, How do I get the program to allow me to add One-Time Items/transactions to my savings account? When I click it doesn't allow me to choose which account I want to work on.
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