Double Entry Problem w/ invoice and bank download


I have an invoice that I receive payment for and
automatically register it in my bank account. Then I log
into my bank account after I deposit the payment and see
that there are now two entries. One for the payment
transaction the other for the actual deposit. The one
that is deposited cannot be labled payment of invoice. It
gives and error, and then when I opt to change it so that
I can assign it the other transaaction the pyament of
invoice tranasaction does not show up as an option. This
results in a double entry, if I delete the payment of
invoice my invoice blance increases back to the original
value. If I delete the downloaded one then I just delayed
the problem until next time I download. Please advice



Douglas E Wilson

A workaround:

Set up an intermediate account in MS Money to hold the Invoice Payments
(e.g., an account called "Business Receipts"). Then transfer from that
account into your bank account. At that point you should be able to match
the transfer transaction with the downloaded transaction.


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