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Discussion in 'Microsoft Money UK' started by Mike Bending, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Mike Bending

    Mike Bending Guest

    Now that share price download has ceased, does anyone have a viable &
    efficient method of getting share prices with Import?
    Mike Bending, Feb 5, 2011
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  2. Mike Bending

    Cal Learner Guest

    Yes. There are a couple programs that will download from Yahoo, and
    pass the results to Money.

    PocketSense works well, but at this point it does not handle symbols
    of more than 12 characters.... It's actually a Money limitation.

    hleOfxQuotes is written in Java. I have not tried it, but I think it
    has a translation table method where a longer symbol can be used to
    fetch the quote, and a shorter symbol can be sent to Money with the
    quote value.

    Cal Learner, Feb 5, 2011
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  3. Mike Bending

    Mike Bending Guest

    Thanks Cal for the ref to hleOfxQuotes. The version your link points
    to doesnt work properly with UK MSMoney but the latest version at works fine picking up a csv
    files from a share portfolio and sending an OFX file to

    It just needed a bit of data changing - share codes become XXX:LSE
    rather than XXX or XXX.L.

    I havent yet been able to get fund prices sorted.
    Mike Bending, Feb 5, 2011
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