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richroach said:

Does anybody else have issues with share prices not being downloaded

I am using a particular share type
8&Funds=1), which at time of writing states a close of 42.31.

When I update however by downloading share prices in Money, using the 311108
code which relates to that stock index, the share price appears as just 0.42

Any ideas?
Personally I've never found the share downloads via Money to be unreliable.
Yes, they can work without a problem for a little time then they seem to go
belly up big time. I've unfortunately experienced them totally altering the
previous downloaded values in the past necessitating having to spent hours
altering them back.

Consequently I now only update the share/unit/index/currency prices
manually. For the first three you can use data that can be obtained from if you register on this site and set yourself up
a portfolio with them (it's free of charge). You can then bookmark a
permanent link to your portfolio page and see the data. If you're the only
one using your computer you can set the computer to remember your login or
alternatively to be more secure enter it each time.



i have problem downloading a share that is on the FTSE
but reports in Euros and sometimes converts to £ and
sometimes doesnt. CRH shares

any ideas

Mike Palastanga

I agree totally unreliable.
Sometimes one or two of my shares are priced totally wrongly. I'd be
interested if the MVP's can explain why.
I think its odd that Money, and Moneycentral seem to get their prices from
different sources.
Have you also noticed that, whilst prices are delayed by 20 minutes, you
never get end of day prices, not even late in the evening. You dont seem to
get them until the next day as the market opens.
Well I suppose it is a free service after all!!. Just as well i wouldnt be
prepared to pay for this dubious quality!!

Glyn Simpson, MVP

Money and MSN Money use the same source - Money gets them from MSN Money and
MSN Money gets them from various sources (e.g. Morningstar in the case of
funds). Unfortunately I cannot explain why occasionally things get priced
totally wrongly.

Over the last few months there have been some major issues with the feed
servers, but these should be mostly eradicated. Unfortunately in the UK we
also have the issue of prices being displayed as a fraction of our currency
(ie pence, rather than pounds) whereas everyone else uses their currency
(dollar, euro etc) for pricing. This doesn't help. Where possible, people
should also use the long quote names for funds, but you need 2002 or later
for this.

However, I believe that most of the issues have been sorted. I've put in a
request for an easier way to report individual stock problems, but I urge
people to make sure they report feed/stock issues using the options on the
home page of MSN Money.



Jeff Clark


I appreciate your efforts to get an easier way to report individual share
price problems, but am not heartened by the fact that sent several reports
via the "home page of MSN Money" as you suggest, and have never gotten a
reply, or even an acknowledgement, that I've sent anything in, and it's now
been five months since I sent the first request in.

Personally, I continually have problems with the fund price of Cazenove
European, symbol GB003109335. Over the last five months the price of the
fund has fluctuated between 2.05 and 2.17, but 50% of the time I update, MS
Money/Morningstars service will send me a price of about 0.67, and the other
50% of the time sending me the right price.

I've sent three bug reports via the MSN Money web page on this. I also have
spoken with two different Microsoft Support Analysts via their telephone
number about this. The first one was able to successfully recreate the
problem by adding in some fake holdings of this share and she was able to
confirm that the price being downloaded via MS Money was wildly different
than the price being shown on the MSN Money website as well as the
Morningstar price. She said that "this was a known issue" that was caused
by a problem with the download between Morningstar and MS Money's servers,
but she said she couldn't give me a ticket number for this fault, nor could
she put me on any sort of a waiting list to notify me when the problem was
fixed (a standard industry practice at good helpdesks - I used to run a
support desk myself for a few years and know a bit about good customer

The second support analyst I contacted about this has simply raised a
ticket, and said that since he was escalating it to second level support, he
had to close my ticket, and again, could not promise to let me know if
anything would ever get done, so I have no idea if he actually escalated it
or not.

I've since escalated this myself to my local Trading Standards folks who
agree that there appears to be a legitimate grievance here, and have
indicated they will be contacting Microsoft about this issue themselves.
I'd encourage the other people on this forum who are having similar problems
to speak up here, and also to take similar action. There's no reason why we
all have to simply show the traditional British "stiff upper lip" and put up
with inferior service. You get what you ask for, and if you don't ask, you
don't get.

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