Downloads of Peachtree and Quantum 2007



I downloaded both trial applications. According to the Read File,
there is no support for the trials. I cannot load either one. I get a
message to reboot and it will work. But it doesn't. There are two
files that it is not locating, company.dat is one and I didn't write
the other down, af-something.dat. It is the same error from both trial

I am running on WinXP with all the latest updates. I have one gig of
ram. I have no other applications running. I disabled virus
protection when installing. It was flagged that a spyware app was
being installed OPENSPY. I let it be installed for the moment. I
figured it was something to do with these being Trial apps.

Last week I was at Micro Center, I purchased the DVD for trial version
of Peachtree 2006. I haven't use Peachtree since 2002, so I want to
refresh myself. The 2006 Trial didn't work on my HP laptop running
XP-Home with one gig ram.

I am just not having any luck with these trials. :-(


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