Drop Ship



Is it me or does SBA not really cater for drop shipping. Simply changing your
company address on the purchase order before sending it is such an
afterthought. When the email (PDF or Word) opens it shows the customer
address as you entered it but also displays your own company name and phone
number with it!?

We use to just edit in word but now that we can finally send via PDF that is
not an option.

There should be select customer / create a new customer function on the PO
creation screen. Also after you e-mail the PO and later want to open it to
see who it was shipped to… nope your own company info is back.

Please tell me I am missing the obvious and that it is not just another case
of developers that does not have real life small business experience. Oh, we
are running 2008 in hope that it got smarter but no.... Silly really.

Missing QB so much...


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