Dynamics POS 2.0


Joy H.

It would be really helpful with the next version if you gave this program
ability to do store credit for customers and/or layaway, instead of having to
use gift cards. I have a fish/coral store where customers bring in corals to
trade for store credit and there is no way to set it up in the system to ring
up with their credit on their next purchase. Also would be helpful if you
could create a Preset Discounts that had multiple tiers: (i.e. price level A
includes 10% off Live goods and 5% off Dry goods). Also, is there anyway to
switch the customer list (when adding a customer to the transaction) to que
by first name first instead of always last name first???

Joy H.

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I think you can do a store credit, just create a store account for the
customer and give them a credit through manager, next time they come to buy
something you use the credit and they can pay whatever the differance is. not
sure about the discounts, but as far as lookup by first name , just click on
the first name tab and it will sort nby first name.


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