Dynamics RMS 2.0 negative items



When I send items to the Stores from HQ the first day it shows the right
quantity...buet after few days the quantity goes to negative....We check out
Worksheets and we cant see any error.

How we can track and solve this problem ?



Matt Hurst

The Item Movement History report is a good tool for figureing this out. When
you run the report for a single item model without the date filter, the sum
of the items moved should equal the current stock status.



Akber Alwani

do you have any transfer in or out pending from your HQ System check this,
or any purchase order which you might created, receiving are pending, check
all these and recitify that you have created the worksheet for such
transaction. then check your qty.
else contact me on my direct email as you did and give me link of your data
over the web I will verify for you.

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