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ABH Develolpment

looking for an add on for e-commerce to integrate the RMS solution with my
website for e-commerce sales. I have seen some posts on here saying to run
from storefront and nitrosell. Are there any other more basic solutions
that are good? Has anyone developed their own?

ABH Development



lax guy

Try kosmoscart.com. I have talked to several desigers and they seem to have
the best. I will be using them shortly

ABH Develolpment

Thanks for the info, i will check it out. A few that i have looked at do
not integrate with RMS..the only 3 that i have found so far are
storefront.net, kosmoscart.com and nitrosell.com. Is there anyone out there
that has implemented any of these or any others? What did you pay for the
software also if you wouldn't mind sharing. A few of these are several
thousand, and i wasn't really expecting that.


And so the "vultures" move in!

Don't forget to try out the NitroSell site on www.nitrosell.com as
well! Available from all good RMS resellers... ;o)






NitroSell can sync between RMS and your webstore every hour without any
human intervention. It's a fully managed solution so isn't going to be
sold for $1 per month but will operate 365/24/7 without interruption!
The charges vary, but it's one of the cheapest I have seen.

If you just want a basic, cheap web site, you could always build your
own and export a CSV file to it every now and then... However, if you
want to run a business and not manage a web site I suggest that you
weigh up the costs of a properly integrated solutions against the cost
of your own time.


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