E*TRADE HARRISdirect Transition



Since E*TRADE didn't bother to send anything about how to change
Quicken setups to correctly handle the conversion of HARRISdirect
portfolios to E*TRADE portfolios, I played with it for a while and came
up with something that appears to work. If you're trying to get
Quicken to go online and get your new E*TRADE transactions (instead of
your old HARRISdirect transactions), try the following (this was all
done in Quicken 2005 Premiere):

1. Edit each of your old HARRISdirect accounts. Go to the Online
Services tab and select the Deactivate button. Accept all the ensuing

2. Go back to the General Information tab (still editing those
accounts) and change the Financial Institution to E*TRADE and replace
your old HARRISdirect account number with your new E*TRADE account

3. Return to the Online Services tab and hit the Activate button.
Quicken should prompt you to enter your Customer ID and PIN. Unless
E*TRADE has informed you they're different, just enter your old
HARRISdirect information. Quicken should connect and get your
transactions. If not, see step 5, below.

4. I had to accept a weird "unknown" security which I think is
E*TRADE's sweep account. You might, or might not, have to do the same.
Once I did that, I deleted all the downloaded transactions that
pertained to the "buying" of the same shares I used to have in
HARRISdirect. I also had to delete a few transactions involving that
"unknown" security.

5. If Quicken/E*TRADE don't like the Customer ID/PIN combo you
entered, it might be because of E*TRADE's different standards for those
things (as opposed to HARRISdirect's). Sign on to your accounts on
E*TRADE's web site, go to the Security & Passwords tab under Accounts |
My Info. Go to the Change My Log-on User ID link and make sure your
old ID is acceptable to E*TRADE (even though you just signed on with
it). Do the same under the Change my Log-on Password link. If
necessary, change those things to E*TRADE acceptable ones. Then, go
back to step 3, above.

I hope this helps.


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