eCommerce / RMS Integration Project


J Wray

We are a retailer with 4 stores running RMS and a website running php/mysql.
We were considering re-doing our website with since our
current system isn't as reliable as we'd like it to be and storefront has
some nice additional features.

Mainly we want our web to look and act more like our stores. We want to
manage inventory from RMS rather than a proprietary web interface. It would
be nice to have our customer's in RMS as well. The Newestech integrator
should be more than adequate.

I would like to hear some feedback on Storefront.Net. I've heard some bad
customer service experiences which concerns me.

I would also like to speak with any firms that would be able to rebuild our
web system and integrate it with RMS once we decide what route to take. We do
not have the resources to manage such a project in-house. We don't want to be
built on a proprietary system where we don't own the code or have rights to
modify or take ownership of the code.





Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

If you will be selling Matrix items on your web site, The Storefront/NewWest
combo is not a good choice, unless they've upgraded it and not told me.
Some of the nice features of Storefront don't really work with the RMS
integration - for instance, Inventory is managed in RMS, so Storefront will
not show it as backordered when it goes out of stock. The only other really
major issue that I ran into was that you need a fairly robust hosting
environment to get Storefront to operate - GoDaddy is a no go!


Mihir Shah

We can provide services to build and integrate your website with RMS.
Please give us a call or email.

Mihir Shah
Diviasoft, Inc
(e-mail address removed)

Evan Culver

New West will be releasing full RMS matrix to StoreFront attribute
support this month. Development has wrapped up on both ends.

As far as support from LaGarde goes, they have recently taken strides to
improve their service by including their "platinum support" in the
package, which gets you a dedicated contact at LaGarde who is intimately
familiar with the RMS integration piece. And, if you need further
escalation, New West has an outstanding reputation for customer service,
and we are happy to help when needed.

Another option is integration with X-Cart, through .


Hi Jay
NitroSell Commerce would be a perfect fit for your stores!

NSC is synchronized with your inventory, changes made to items are
uploaded automtically to the site, orders come right down into the POS,
and we accomodate manual or payment gateways, and much much more!

Please give me a ring at 480-968-7798 or email me directly to setup a
quick online demo and to discuss your needs further.

Best regards,
Todd Jensen
(e-mail address removed)

POSable Solutions

Man Evan, after all the work that Anil and his folks have put in to RMScart
to give you a solution that works perfecly with the NWT webintegrator you'd
think you could at least mention the RMScart as an option.

J, give a look at Lan Services RMScart. More features than StoreFront, and
all the customer service.

Chris LaCroix
CTO, POSable Solutions.




Kindly check out the fully customisable multistore web front end integrated
with RMS from at It should fit into your
requirement as there is a seperate module which for routing web orders to the
right stores based on the item profile. Please call on
1 904 866 4213 (US)
44 207 669 4272 (UK) for any further information or demos





Hey Josh,

I'm working on a project exactly like yours, I may have a code reference
guide for you that you can use to just modify your PHP to work with RMS and
dump your MySQL. You'll only need your RMS computer to have online access
whenever people are buying stuff. Anyway, if you come up with a better
solution also please let me know. And no it's not a chinsey easy out of box
package that most retailers are trying to bank on either.

I myself like my website designed a particular way without having to study
someone else's code or modify their ugly designed stores.

Contact me if you need help,
(e-mail address removed)

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