Editing Loans



I am working with Mny2006. I have several loans set-up which all appear to
be ok. However, one of my loans, a student loan, shows only 4 payments in
the amortization schedule, and shows an inordinately large balloon payment.
This is despite there being over 60 payments listed in the account register.
Not sure what has happened that the payments in teh register are not
reflected in the amortization schedule.
I need to edit the loan to 1. reflect the initial starting balance, 2. add
acrued interest to that initial loan amount until repayment began. However,
when I go to "change account settings" I am never given the option of
changing the initial loan amount. Do I need to delete the loan and start
over? If I do this, how do I associate all the payments in my check register
with the new loan just set-up? Thanks for any help you can provide.


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