Editing XML files?



Does anyone know how to edit XML files to amend receipt template for receipt
printing? Are there instructions anywhere about editing XML files and what
kind of variables we can use - i.e. what is a variable to print customer's
name on the receipt (the name stored in Customer Info in POS)?




Jason Hunt

This is best left to someone who is familiar with XML, although you could
probably learn by example (look at the other .xml files to get an idea of
how it works.)

XML is a standard style of mark-up language, so anyone who is familiar with
XML should be able to figure it out. There is a Customization Guide, but it
is only available to RMS Partners.



Rick Brown

Look in the "Print Credit Card" section of the Receipt.xml file. If you can
figure out the syntax in this line
<ROW>"Account #:|" Customer.AccountNumber</ROW>

create another line under it that looks something like

<ROW>"Name:|" Customer.FirstName & Customer.LastName</ROW>

I know that syntax isn't correct but it gives you an idea of what to try.
I've done almost no XML editing, but you CAN figure it out through trial and
error and looking at other areas of the receipt for syntax similarities.
The & probably isn't right and maybe play with another | placement.

Rick Brown

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