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I am trying to make sure I file correctly this year. I am
located in the "Go Zone" and have educational expenses. I
am trying to use (they have indicated I cannot
file 100% online due to this), so I will likely submit a
paper return at this point. I have itemized the monies from
my 1098-T. I think I understand from reading IRS Form 8863
that I can also claim qualified expenses since I am in the
Go Zone.

First of all, am I reading this correctly?

If so, I think that means I can claim my textbook expenses.
Is that correct?

Also, I am wondering if a laptop computer qualifies as
"supplies or equipment" under the Go Zone exception to
education expenses. I purchased a laptop in 2006 solely for
school. It was approximately $500-600 (pulling relevant
receipts still). Can the laptop be claimed?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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