[ELECTION] Election for The us.* Committee


Jim Riley

This is a Ballot for The us.* Committee.

You May Vote For Up to 25 Individuals. All Persons who receive a vote
will be elected to the Committee. You may vote for yourself. Any
ballot that you cast will be considered a vote for yourself unless you
explicitly state otherwise.

The Committee will meet in us.config. All meetings will be open to
the General Public. After the results are announced, a member-elect
will have 15 days to acknowledge their election. Members will
continue to serve so long as they annually acknowledge their
membership in the Committee.

How To Vote:

1. Voting is by NetNews (Usenet).

2. Vote by following up to this message. The followup should be sent
to the newsgroup us.config. Do not send e-mail.

3. Voting will close at 12:01 a.m. CDT, Sunday, November 16, 2003.

4. Enter Your Name:

5. Enter an X in the appropriate box:

[ ] I AM voting for myself.

[ ] I am NOT voting for myself.

6. Enter the names and/or e-mail addresses of up to 25 additional
persons you are voting for (24 if you are voting for yourself). I
vote for the following individuals to be Members of The us.*


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