Employee Mileage reimbursement and billing


Tim Colling

Hi -

I use QuickBooks Pro 2003 for billing, payroll, and bill payment. I pay my
employees by the hour for their work and I also reimburse them for mileage
for driving that they do on the job in their own cars. I bill my customers
for the time that my employees spend with them, and for the mileage
reimbursement (with no markup).

I can't see a way to reimburse my employees for mileage on their paychecks
and also have those expenses show up for billing for the clients. The only
way I can see to handle this for now is to pay the employees separately for
mileage on Bills that have Items that can be attributed to customer/job IDs.
I see where I can reimburse employees for mileage on their paychecks, but I
dont' see any way to tie that mileage reimbursement to client/job IDs when I
pay the reimbursements through Payroll.

Is there a way to do what I want to do, in QB2003? If not, does QB2004 do
what I want?



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