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Helen P. OPlanick EA

June 24, 2004

Dear Tax Professional,

This is the second in a series of communiqués this year
designed to keep you informed about developments in the
Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Feel free to disseminate this information to your
counterparts who may be interested in receiving it. As
always, I invite your comments and suggestions.

1. Our research into the possibility of IRS outsourcing the
Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) has not progressed as
quickly as originally hoped. We have recently made great
improvements in the amount of time it takes to grade the SEE
and notify people of test results but we remain convinced
that greater expertise in the areas of test development and
delivery resides in private industry. We had planned to
solicit private industry interest in assuming this
responsibility as early as 2005 so the 2004 test, scheduled
for September 22 and 23 of this year would be the last one
developed and administered by the IRS. For a number of
reasons, it now appears likely that this timeline cannot be
met and we have revised our plans accordingly. In addition
to administering the 2004 test, we are making plans to
develop and administer the 2005 test as well. We will rely
on private industry assistance as soon as feasible but not
later than the 2006 test year.

Our decision to develop and administer the SEE in 2005 means
that we will be able to allow test takers to carry over
credit for parts of the test that they this year in
accordance with "minimum retention" standards. We had
previously announced that it would not be possible to carry
over credit from this year's test since we expected a much
different test in 2005. We will update our website
http://www.irs.gov/taxpros/agents/index.html to reflect this
change. Questions about this decision can be directed to OPR
via e-mail at (e-mail address removed).

2. Process for getting client list from Centralized
Authorization File (CAF) has been streamlined. In the course
of speaking at IRS tax forums and meeting with tax
professional groups and their representatives, the issue of
practitioner access to their client list as reflected on the
CAF was raised as a source of frustration and concern. In
the past, if a practitioner wanted to know which clients
were associated with him/her as reflected by Powers of
Attorney on the Centralized Authorization File, they were
told to file a Freedom of Information

Request to get this information which frequently took months
to receive. While a Freedom of Information Request is still
required, our goal is to have reports issued within
approximately 20 days of receipt of a properly completed

A letter template to request this information is contained below:

Sample Letter for Request of Representative/Client Listing
(Centralized Authorization File {CAF} 77 report)

Your name or your company's name
Your address or your company's address
Your phone number (optional)


Internal Revenue Service
Headquarters Disclosure Office
1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Fax #: 202-622-5165

Dear Disclosure Officer:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

I request that a copy of the Representative/Client Listing
(CAF 77 report) be provided to me. I do not wish to inspect
the documents first.

In order to determine my status for the applicability of
fees, you should know that I am an “Other†requester
seeking information for non-commercial or personal use. I am
a tax professional. My CAF number is XXXXXXX. (This is not
your Enrolled Agent Number)

As proof of identity I am including a photocopy of my
driver’s license or other government issued media.

I am willing to pay fees for this request up to a maximum of
$XX (fill in amount). If you estimate that the fees will
exceed this limit, please inform me first. I understand that
there is no charge for the first 100 pages and there is a
charge of $.20 per page thereafter.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

[your signature]
Helen, EA in PA
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October 1 to October 3, 2004
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