Entering expenses in accounting 2009



How do I add expenses in the bank register without having to make each
expense a vendor. I have to add my last 4 months manually. Help....


This depends how you are importing your bank files.

1. If it is via OFX, you will need to manually edit ALL the expense
transactions "NAME" fields to an "expenses collection" vendor account. Use
NotePad or any OFX file editor to achieve this.




2. It also dependes on what expense this is:
If it is a "bank charges" expense, in the Match Transactions dialog select
the expense then Add Transaction (below the top Grid), select Enter Bank Fee
and finally charge to Bank Charge.

I am not sure whether you can still download the SDK (and the documentation)
for OA, but there are more functions / methodsto post these directly to the
ledger without having to go through the match transactions interface.

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