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Where can I find out what my entitlements are and how to apply?
I was on income support as a lone parent with a child. Child is now 16
but still at school and I had to register for JSA. After six weeks they
have now informed me I am to get £56 a week and they pay my mortgage
interest. I was getting about £99 before
Surely I am entitled to more than that. I have little money left, in
fact I am borrowing and I have a job interview next week but as I'm over
50 so I don't hold out a great deal of hope.
Where is the income support that the CSA takes from the father now
going? ( only £20 but still)
I also get child benefit which is about £17
I had no help whatsoever at the job centre interview, the person I was
supposed to see was ill and I was passed from pillar to post but I got
the impression they didn't seem to know about finances anyway.
Thanks if anyone can advise.




Your due about £40 weekly from Child Tax Credit, claim and bacdate it.

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