Error message that occurs most mornings



When starting up the tills first thing in the morning, as soon as I load up
POS, I get this error message
I then click OK and get kicked out of POS. When you try going into POS again
it works fine. It doesn't occur every morning (60%) and doesn't happen on all
the tills at once (quite random). My RMSpartner is not sure.
Any ideas?





It might be that it is taking a while for yoru network connection to
initialise, and it simply can't find the database when you are starting pos.
If you leave your tills turned on all the time, then there are settings in
system properties (right click the My Computer icon on the desktop and select
properties, Hardware) for your network cards power saving. Change the
settings so that your network card is always on.



David Parrish

I'm not a RMS expert by any stretch but I do know network topology and
systems design.

The error you are showing us is a the result of the Client SOPOS being
disconnected from the backend MSSQL database.

The error 2147467259 referres to a generic "network disconnection" of sorts.

Without knowing anything about your network, I'll assume you have a decent
router and switch and have them configured properly if they are 'managed'
switches. If you are using wireless this may in itself be a source of the

Try these solutions.

1. check all your physical network cables for loose, damaged, pinched or
just old cables.
2. try putting a new cable on "one" of the offending machines - this
includes the cables that connect your PC's from a patch panel to the switch
if you use a patch panel. Again, try this on just one offending PC/register
and see if it stops.
3. Could be a Network Card (NIC) problem - needs updated drivers ect
4. Could be a traffic problem on your network (Switch) You may need a
faster/better switch that handle more traffic
5. Your SQL Server could not be allowing more than X connections - you can
test that by shutting down all the PC's and bringing up one at a time until
it each is up and running and the SOPOS is running. If at X number you keep
finding that you get this error and the PC that it happens on is different
it could be issue 4 or 5.

let me know hot it turns out.


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