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I own an outdoor store that sells training classes, tours, seminars, and
similar type items. I currently use another POS system in the store but
would like to use MS RMS, because I have it at another location and would
like all locations to be the sames software.

What I need is an RMS add in that manages events I mentioned. Ideally the
software would allow me to create the event and schedule the same class
multiple times and allow the class to cross multiple days, such as 2
consecutive sundays. The software would allow the sale to occur at the POS.

The software would create a roster of students, allow us to fix a max number
of students in a class or tour. It should allow for rain check or moving the
students to a new class and allow us to add students after the class has
already started. i.e. a walkin that comes in just before class and we allow
them to go ahead and take the class and they can pay for it during a break or

It should also generate a special receipt with all the information the
student or client would need to know about the class.

There are other parameters we would like but this would give someone the
gist of what we are looking for.

An add in such as this would be huge for any small business. Most of us
sell training, classes and the like to add an additional revenue stream.

Jim Talkington
Paddle and Trail, ltd




Retail Realm has a ticketing add-on to RMS - event management and Ticketing
software. Contact me for mor einfo by email and explain how your process
wprks. Then we can talk further.

Afshin Alikhani - (e-mail address removed)
Retail Realm

= = = = = =

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