Excerpt: Net Worth Workout, book & class


Steve O'Keefe

Barnes & Noble is offering a free class called "Get Your Finances in
Shape" through their newly-renovated online book clubs. The class is
based on the new book, "The Net Worth Workout," and is taught by
author, financial advisor and nationally-ranked triathlete Susan

Feitelberg is a vice president at JPMorgan Chase where she teaches this
seminar to investment advisors and their clients. A marathoner,
Feitelberg is all about the long game; she'll quickly convince you of
the benefits of trimming your expenses, maximizing your benefits, and
using an automatic savings plan. The results of "The Net Worth Workout"
cumulate over time into the kind of fortune that makes dreams come
true: home ownership, college for the kids, a secure retirement.

I have permission to distribute an excerpt from the book that provides
a good example of Feitelberg's approach. It shows how one middle-aged
couple painlessly liberated about $200 from their monthly expenses.
When they reach retirement, that savings will likely have grown to
almost a million dollars! It's not windfalls that make most people rich
-- it's the routine: putting away a small amount every month into a
tax-advantaged, diversified portfolio.

To get the excerpt, send mailto:[email protected] with the
subject line, Send Net Worth Workout, and I'll reply with the text --
and *only* the text -- NO file attachments or opt-in mailing list jive.
Thank you.


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