Expand/collapse reports


Gerald Pinsky

We are using QuickBooks Pro 2003 for a non-profit religious organization. I
often use "collapsed reports" at board meetings because the board members
want general information on a page or two rather than "expanded" 12-15 page
reports. I do need from time to time to change the accounts that appear on
the collapsed reports. How do I do that? I seem to be stuck with accounts
showing on the collapsed report that were relevant a year are two ago but
are not relevant now. I would also like to include accounts that have now
become important.

Jerry P




Accounts appear if they have balances or transactions during the
report period.
You can change the name of an account, merge accounts, make one or
more accounts subsidiary to another, or promote a subsidiary account.

If none of those steps give you what you want, export to Excel and
exercise your artistic talents.




I know there is a way in Quickbooks. I changed some 3 years ago. I
just do not remember how to do it.

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