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I'm new to MS Money 2004, so suspect the problem is me - goes:
I am working with the Expert Assistant. I have set limits
for account balances and spending on certain categories.
Whilst I am able to display the Monthly Spending Progress
for the categoies I have chosen, I do not get any alerts
shown via Expert Assistant on my home page - I had
assumed there would be a list of items that exceeded
their chosen limits. All I get is the EA title plus a
link to customise it -which I have several times without
success! Any suggestions? I belive I have set it up
correctly - selecting Expert Assistant (All) and/or
Expert Assistant (Accounts and Bills) on my customised
homepage - all I get is the above title page and
customise link. HELP!! Thanks!



Glyn Simpson, MVP

The alerts should come up as pop up messages, so if you set the minimum
account balance, and then make a transaction which makes the account balance
less than that, you should get an alert when you do so.

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