Exporting RMS database to POS (Microsoft Dynamics)



How do I go about transferring my database (inventory, customers, suppliers,
etc) from RMS Version 1.2 to Microsoft Dynamics POS Version 2.0. I got a
"sweet deal" from Citibank, which includes a pre-loaded POS system and a
great credit card processing rate. It was represented as including set-up
and transfer of info from my old program to my new one, but, alas, that was
only a sales pitch. They set up the hardware, loaded the POS software and
said "see ya!". Now I'm left with setting up the new network and trying to
transfer all my old data.

Please say there's an easy way to do this transfer. After all, POS is RMS's




My understanding is that POS (Microsoft Point of Sale) was an in-house
development whereas RMS was purchased from another company (back when it was
Quicksell / QS Commerce), so they're more like stepbrothers....anyway, in
MSPOS Manager, check the inventory wizard you'll see an option for a data
import where you can import items, customers and suppliers; I've had some
limited exposure to MSPOS but I recall doing a data import from a flat file
(csv, xls); the help guide is actually pretty good and the import process is
relatively simple as well. You'll need to find a way to export your RMS data
either through running a report (ie item list) then exporting to excel; or if
you're up to the task of doing a select query in administrator that might be
a cleaner export file, as you'll get to choose which columns the import
wizard will need for the import mapping (ie ItemlookupCode, price, cost,
description, supplier, etc); Export the results of your query to the flat
file you'll use for the import. Unfortunately I uninstalled my laptop copy
of MSPOS so this is as far as I can take you, but if you get stuck just add
to your post.

Akber Alwani

hi ti, if we follow the what convolued has recommended it works but in some
extend, well you know that exporting to ascii files and loading it to back to
system sometimes does not satisfy you beacsue it may not contain the complete
information. However I understand with situation that you have 2 PC , one
with RMS 1.3 and other with RMS 2.0 now go to RMS 2.0 and connect the db of
RMS 1.3 then follow the upgrade path, once upgraded then you can delete the
transaction as you said you only need items, customers, supplier etc so this
upgrade will also help you for the employees, cashier, tenders,
configurations etc information to be move also if you follow any manual work
it will take more time and will not assure you that you have completely done
the job. However Upgrade itself authenticate about this Rest is your own


Hi Akber,

I'm not upgrading from RMS 1.2 to RMS 2.0. I'm switching from RMS to
Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale, which is kind of a slimmed down, less
expensive version of RMS made for smaller retailers (1 to 5 lanes). Thanks
anyway for your response though.


Hi convoluted,

I saw that wizard. I think I'll try it first...the query thing is kind of
scary for me. Thank you for your response. It's good to know that someone
has had some success with the import wizard.



Ryan @ RITE

As far as I understand it this is not a direct upgrade, as Microsoft intends
its customer to go from POS to RMS not the other way around. That being
said, the two databases are very similar in structure and should be fairly
easy to manipulate the data backwards. If you should require any assistance
in this effort please give us a call at 1-888-267-RITE and we would be happy
to help.

Thank you,

Ryan Sakry
Program Manager
Retail Information Technology Enterprises (RITE)
(e-mail address removed)
320-230-2282 ext. 4002 (Office)
320-230-1796 (Fax)



Fredrik Nyman

Out of curiosity, could you please tell us more about this sweet deal from


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