Failure to File Federal Tax Return


Paul J. Berg

Under current federal tax law, if an individual pays their income taxes
in a timely matter, via withholding and/or estimated tax payments, they
can not be held criminally liable for failure to file a tax return.

Also, if ALL the tax payments were made via withholding, and there is no
balance due on the tax return, the taxes will be consider as being
timely paid, without regard to when the liability for the taxes actually
took place during the tax year.

And, for those who think their federal income tax payment is due only on
April 15th of the following year, you better take another look at the
tax code. It is a pay-as-you-go tax system.

There is a drawback to not filing a federal income tax return - three
years after the due date you lose the right to any tax refund for that
tax year.


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