File conversion




Bob Peel, MVP

Please be more specific about "will not". What happens? What errors etc etc


Thank you for your response. When I start Money 2004 it
opens the file conversion window. I click next and it
begins the conversion. During that process Money freezes.
I have tried this several times. Sometimes I have to open
task manager to shut down Money. Task manager tells me
the program is not responding. I close down the program
and the the send error message window displays. THe error
details are regarding wera.temp.dir00\msmoney.exe.mdmp and
appcompat.txt I am moving the data files from my old
laptop to my new one. Money 98 is on the old unit Money
2004 on the new one. I have recopied the files several
times to no avail. Money 2004 always freezes duriin ght
econversion process. Sometimes I get a message that says
the program was unable to convert the file to the latest
format. It says this may be due to the file bieng read
only, or write protected. Is this happening because I am
moving a copy of the file? I cannot figure this out.

Dick Watson

Closing down the program because you can't see it doing anything and it's
not responding to Windows is a BAD IDEA. My file conversion from M02 to M03
(on a 300MHz Celeron) spent almost half an hour in this state. It was
working on the problem the whole time. It eventually completed. Have you
tried just letting it run?

The messages are likely a different story. See


Yes I have let it run. I am using a 3ghz dell laptop.
The program itself will actually display a message saying
it cannot convert the file. Could it be a problem
resulting from copying and transferring the file? Does
Money write protect the file somehow?



Dick Watson

You might check to make sure the file is not set to Read Only (r-click on it
from Windows Explorer and select Properties...) I doubt this is your issue
from your descriptions. My only thoughts left are pretty much summed up in
the FAQ entry previously cited.

Good luck.


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