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I am working on someones computer and they have provided me with a
quicken backup file. I am trying to restore from the backup, but I am
using Quicken Deluxe "Special Edition" from '96, Version 5 (that is the
version they have been apparentally been using.)

The backup seems to be in parts, named like Qdata1.ADB, Qdata1.QDB, and
even QW.cfg. I think they have been using a newer version of quicken
but they don't have it anymore or something. \

So, my main question is what version was the earliest to support the
..QDB extension?

Thanks in advance




I think those "special editions" are what is now called "new user editions".
If so, you can not restore to them. They are free versions for new users

As far as I know, any old version back-up will restore into any newer
version of Quicken as long as it is not a "new user" one.

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