Final Salary Pensions Scheme



How do i get Money to monitor a final salary pension scheme. i do not have a
investment balance statement only a pridicted final pension value per year ?



Colin Gray


The only way I've found to "monitor" it, is in the lifetime planner. If you
create Income>Other income with an appropriate start date (i.e. X retires to
X dies). You need to allow for prospective pension, i.e. if you've completed
5 years and 20 years to go, then you'll get 25/60ths (or whatever). You'll
also need to update this each year as your salary rises are known.

Need to check it's correctly allowed for salary inflation, in the numbers.
Check Results > yearly snapshot, probably in the year after you retire (i.e.
to compare a full year worth of pension) to check the pension is at the
level you expect.


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