Finalizing Work Order through Custom Button



I'm developing Custom POS button to process open Work Order using C#.

This button should do some custom functionality like sending some data
to payment processor (it's already implemented) after this order should
be mark as Closed, Inventory should be updated etc.

The problem is that I cannot find any ways of how to finalize the order
(for some reasons Transaction.Post doesn't work).

It's a code that I currently use. What else can I do to reach my goal?

int setDepositResult =
null,transaction,new object[1] {Convert.ToDecimal(total)}));

object tender =

Type tenderComType = tender.GetType();

tenderComType.InvokeMember("AmountIn", BindingFlags.SetProperty, null,
tender, new object[1] {Convert.ToDecimal(total)});

int tendersForceValidationResult =
null, transaction, null));

int postFunctionResult =
BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, transaction, null));

If it is necessary I'm ready use VB6 or VB.NET. Just extremely need
this button to work.


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